Friday, September 02, 2005


I want to thank my cousin and good friend Philip for sharing his passion for photography, and helping me with invaluable lessons on the art of taking photos.

Photography is a form of artistic expression that fascinates me. It appeals to my sense of efficiency. With one click, one can evoke an emotion, a mood, a new world in images.

But of course one needs a certain amount of artistic intuition and a lot of background work behind the click. To pursue this passion further, I'm following the advice of my dear friend and taking at least 50 photos a week. But I've also decided to read up on the subject to learn as much as I can.

I started with Freeman Patterson's book: Photography & the art of seeing.

I did the exercises he recommended. I locked myself in the bathroom for 45 minutes, and swung my camera around, and jumped up and down while clicking away. Tomorrow, before I get out of bed, I'll take five photos from the prone position and five more sitting on the edge of my bed, and ten more on my way to the bathroom while making sure I include part of my dishevelled self in the shots. I love this guy!!! While we go at it, I'm thinking of crawling under my bed, backing into a closet, digging into my garbage ...

Seriously, he is an amazing artist! It's an exercise to get out of the rut of using too much of the rational brain when taking photos.

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