Monday, October 03, 2005

My brother Sem

Did I ever tell you that I have a brother who is some kind of genius but of course this is all subjective, and he doesn't believe so himself. He's done some neat things in medical simulation. He is part of a team that invented a human simulator so medical personnel can practice treatments and procedures on this sort of manikin controlled by a computer which can simulate a wide variety of diseases and pathologies.

It's hard to believe that my little brother, the six-year-old kid I used to coax into playing theatre with me, the one who would comply with enthusiasm to my dressing him up, the one who would smile mischievously, shake his hips and throw his legs every which way to imitate the dance I choreographed on the spot for him, now lectures all over the world. Well, maybe I can claim I did give him his taste for public appearance when he performed with me in front of our large family!

I'd like to say that the scientific brain runs in the family, but I'm afraid my inclination has always been in the creative field. When he taught me how to play chess, I couldn't care less about protecting the king - handsome knights in armour were making moves to protect ladies imprisoned in towers. However, after the countless games he convinced me to play, all of which I lost, I have to admit that it spurred my competitive spirit, and I was eventually thrilled by the strategy involved in chess.

If you're interested in scientific stuff, check his Virtual Anesthesia Machine website

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