Saturday, October 14, 2006

The show is over

Moody Toronto, my photo exhibition at the Regal Heights Bistro is over. The Town Crier, a local newspaper wrote an article on the show about a month ago. It's kind of funny that they've now published the article online just after the show is over, but it sort of stretches the good feeling, and I'm not complaining. It's always sad when something ends, but it's also invigorating to move on to the next project.

"Buddha says that sorrow results from trying to hold on to that which must disappear. The water in which we’re immersed moves constantly on its tides and storms and we must move with it"

This quote from Katherine Govier's book, Three Views of Crystal Water, expresses on a deeper level how I feel a little bit about the show but mostly about many things that I've lost - well, how I try to feel anyway.

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