Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Disappeared by Kim Echlin

Time just flies and I've been meaning to write ... Spent Halloween night at Harbourfront, listening to the Giller Prize finalists at the International Festival of Authors. Truly inspiring.

I was so thrilled that Kim Echlin was nominated. She was one of my favourite Creative Writing teachers at U of T. Kim's calm confidence, enthusiasm, pertinent comments on our writing, and her warm encouragement left an everlasting impression on me.

Just finished reading The Disappeared. I've always been partial to Kim's writing style. Kind of haunting, intense, and lyrical. In my opinion, this book is her best. The main character is a Canadian woman whose passion for a Cambodian man is obsessive. She learns to speak the language of her lover and searches for him in his country. As the story unfolds, we discover a world of atrocities, of helplessness, of lives squashed like flies. It's a powerful story of love and loss. I can already imagine it being made into a movie.

Here's the Globe review of The Disappeared.