Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Venus d'ailleurs - The story of Chinese immigration in Mauritius

A bonus to my photo exhibition trip: the documentary on Chinese Immigration in Mauritius, the last one in a series of four was launched a few days before I left.

Here's a preview, and an article on the film by Alain Gordon-Gentil and David Constantin.

I contributed to the documentary while I was visiting China to retrace my father's footsteps. Watching the finished product on a giant screen, in a theatre packed with 300 people was awesome. The music, words, and images seemed as if they were magically put together in this dramatic production that recounts the life of Chinese immigrants, among them my father.

Thanks to Alain Gordon-Gentil's vision, his desire to share with the world the richness of his beloved island's history and culture, we now have a series of four documentaries to better understand Mauritius, its people, and what makes it thrive as a nation.

The documentaries can be purchased from Pamplemousses Production.
Tel: 230-247-1093

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