Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Moving on with love

Time is flying. I feel as if I'm riding on summer 's overheated and restless wings. Going through major changes in my life right now. I'm moving on towards new creative horizons ... Hope to write more regularly in the fall when things settle down.

Finished reading Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. His conviction that "All living thing desires above all to vent its strength ..." and that self-preservation is only a consequence of this will to power, gave me much food for thought, casting a different light in the current way I see relationships, its struggles, and the reason why some marriages don't work and others do.

However, Nietzsche's claim that men have more depth than women shows that even a deep-thinking man like him can be shallow. His condescending view of women as superficial creatures who want to be possessed, is sexist, and lacks true knowledge of the complicated feminine nature.

He seems to take pleasure in challenging preconceptions by pushing thoughts to the extreme, thoughts that repel, yet intrigue and tend to divert comfortable thoughts towards unnerving directions. For example when he writes, " ... woman would like to believe that love can do everything – it is her characteristic faith. Alas, he who knows the heart divines how poor, stupid, helpless, arrogant, blundering, more prone to destroy than save is the best and deepest love."

We have all experienced at some point or other the destructive aspects of "falling in love". But love is so much broader than the raw feelings of couples. It encompasses friendships and kind feelings for others that bring a spiritual and emotional level of connection that is uplifting ... perhaps the will to love is the feminine version of the will to power.