Thursday, June 16, 2016

Luminato Festival at The Hearn

What a thrilling experience to be at The Hearn yesterday. The Luminato Festival brought back to life this fascinating decommissioned generating station in a celebration of art, music, and dance. I hope this building becomes a new landmark for creative expression in Toronto. The festival runs from June 10th to 26th. Check the activities on Luminato's website

This giant, rotating mirror ball, continuously casting its refracted light over exposed steel beams, wires and peeling walls had a surreal effect,. I felt as if I was in a sci-fi movie, surrounded by ethereal creatures floating around.

Even the windows seem to be works of art ...

Le Pavillon, a makeshift restaurant on the upper floor of The Hearn. 
What a resourceful use of the generating station's control room.

Dining at Le Pavillon. 
A treat for those who made reservations, but since we did not, 
we were lucky to get last minute seats at the bar, and enjoyed the delicious French cuisine.

Majestic hallway, softly illuminated to bring out neat architectural details

One of my favourite sculptures, made of meshed acrylic

Industrial elements throughout the building

For more impressions on the Luminato Festival at The Hearn, check Schuster Gindin's article in Living Toronto

Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Moon

Trying to post once a month, but obviously, I'm not fast enough. I took this photo of the moon on Sunday, May 22nd, the night Mars was visible as a bright red star in the sky. It was fascinating to see the red planet so much closer, and imagine that we could be there one day. However it appeared as a tiny insignificant dot in my camera. I have yet to experiment with astrophotography. But the moon, on the other hand, held the spotlight, the darkness, an essential part of its presence.

Working away on my photo and poetry book... putting all I've got into it and aiming for the moon, but I'd be happy to reach a star or even a meteorite ...