Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best Wishes from Toronto

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wintry Toronto

It was a magical day with snow flakes swirling around, spreading a thick fog over the city, covering everything in white. Yes, I know it's not fun when you're driving blindly into a sheet of snow, or struggling against an icy wind blasting across your face. But when you're walking, and dressed warmly, it's truly awesome to be out there against the elements, and watch the snow transform the city ...

In the park, children were tobogganing, their thrilled laughter echoing in the fresh snowfall. On the sidewalk, an older woman was trying to cover her face from the wind, and slipping on the snow. I gave her a hand and led her to the store, and she was all smiles. A passer-by with a bouncy step grinned, telling me in her caribbean accent how much she loved snow. We winked at each other with an unspoken understanding.

She probably gets asked as often as I do how I could bear the cold north when I was born on a sunny island. With the creative opportunities and freedom that Canada offers, winter is easy to bear. I don't miss the continuous tropical heat as I love the change of seasons, spring's blossoms, summer's lush greens, fall's colourful leaves, winter's snow flurries ... they inspire me to no end.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

I love you, Toronto

There's something about the cold weather that makes me want to get cosy and warm at home, but there's so much to do in Toronto that I'm often willing to brave the cold. So many artists, musicians, writers, dancers, actors, filmmakers are spreading their creative and innovative vibes throughout the city that it's often hard to choose which event to go to. From neighbourhood restaurants and bars that feature musicians, and artists' work to contemporary operas and documentary screenings, the choice is endless. 

While walking by Queen Street the other night, and watching skaters gliding gracefully on the ice rink with our City Hall standing behind them against the sky, like some sci-fi building about to lift up, I thought of  how much this city means to me. So grateful to live in this cultural hub and its multicultural diversity. Toronto has offered me the freedom, and opportunity to be an artist, photographer and writer who can make a living from her art. And the people who live in this city, the kindness of friends I've made over the years have inspired me immensely.  I love you, Toronto.