Friday, October 11, 2019

Learning and growth

The last rays of summer on a cool fall day. Leaves turning shades of gold and red are so beautiful, invigorating, yet instil a melancholic feeling, preparing us for the dormant stage of winter. Fall may seem the same each year, but the delightful change of colours always fills me with a new sense of wonder.

Still working on my short stories. Lately, reflecting on past loves coming back into people's lives, perhaps to seek the comfort of what they miss from good old times. But when they repeat the same harmful patterns that broke the relationships, and cannot meet you where you have moved on, be strong enough to let go, or guide them in their inner journey. Learning from past experiences means not repeating negative habits. The key to growth is to be truthful to yourself and each other and to be willing to change.

We tend to think that when we get older, it's impossible to change. But there is hope. Check this video. I may not agree with everything Dr. Joe Dispenza says, but I do believe in his theory that when we desire change, we can rewire thinking habits, and create new positive connections in our brain.

Wishing you wisdom and growth in your evolving relationships on this gorgeous fall day, and a very happy Thanksgiving weekend among family and friends.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Authors' Afternoon with Susan Glickman

Inviting you to an inspiring afternoon with our guest author, Susan Glickman. 
She will be reading from her books and will discuss them with us. 
As usual, this is a free event and everybody is welcome.