Sunday, May 26, 2019

L'Express: Coeur de Corail

So thrilled to share my book Coeur de Corail during radio, tv, and newspaper interviews in Mauritius. Thanks to l'Express newspaper for this blurb. If you're interested in reading the french version of The Coral Heart, I will have a book signing at Bookcourt Bagatelle this coming Saturday June 1st, from noon to 3 pm. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Ravie de partager mon livre Coeur de Corail pendant les interviews à la radio, la télé et avec les journaux à Maurice. Merci au journal l'Express pour cet article sur Coeur de Corail. J'espère que ceux qui préfèrent lire en français viendront à la séance de dédicaces à Bookcourt Bagatelle ce samedi 1 juin de 12h à 15h. Je serai si contente de vous voir.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Coeur de Corail

So happy to announce that Pamplemousses Éditions is publishing the French translation of The Coral Heart in Mauritius and the book launch will be on May 16, 2019 at Hennessy Park Hotel in Mauritius. Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

I would like to thank Robert Furlong, a writer, actor and a kind friend based in Mauritius. He wanted this historical fiction about Chinese immigration in Mauritius to reach the larger French audience there, and surprised me by sending me his first draft of the translation. It propelled me to immerse myself in French and edit the translation.

I've always felt the duality in my personality when I switch back and forth in both languages, as in this article I wrote a while ago for The Globe and Mail.  For a year, I went back and forth from English to French to bring the essence of the story in the translation. The manuscript was then sent to several publishers.

I'm thrilled that Alain Gordon-Gentil of Pamplemousses Éditions chose to publish my book. He is one of the best French writers in Mauritius. I have read all his books and I respect his writing immensely. And I love his final edit of the translation. Hope you will enjoy it too.