Sunday, November 19, 2017

Interview in Toronto Arts Report

Sharing this interview with Rebeccah Love for Toronto Arts Report. It's a great blog that promotes artists from musicians to writers... Very proud to be part of this community of creative people.

A beautiful fall day at Cedarvale ravine

Friday, November 17, 2017

Terry Fallis at Stella's Authors' Afternoon

So happy to invite you to meet Terry Fallis at our monthly Authors' Afternoon at Stella's. Terry is a friend who is not only kind and funny, but a terrific speaker. We'll have a lot to talk and laugh about ...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Short stories on relationships

Romantic relationships, especially the complicated psychology between men and women have always fascinated me, hence the collection of short stories I’m working on. I’ve often wondered why women blame other women instead of sorting out their relationship problems with their unfaithful partners. In trying to understand the roots of this complex issue, I found an interesting article that analyzes the situation in a very constructive way.

On another note, I was quite taken by the haunting beauty of 
Meryl McMaster's digital print Anima at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Fall in Montreal

Montreal is so beautiful in the fall. Its sidewalks strewn with colourful leaves along tree-lined streets in the Plateau area where I stayed. And what a treat to speak french with friendly Montrealers in the charming cafés, shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

I was there to promote my books, and feel very grateful for the positive response. My heartfelt thanks to friends, relatives, and all the people who welcomed me there with their kindness and generosity, and their enthusiastic support for my books.

Also enjoyed an inspiring photo outing in Old Montreal with some friends. It had rained the previous day, and the air was fresh and crisp as the sun and the clouds took turns to play with the changing moods we captured.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Where to find The Coral Heart and Island Lovers in Canada and Mauritius


1430 Yonge Street (one block South of St. Clair Subway), Toronto
Tel: 416-926-0749

145 Lauder Avenue (one door South of St. Clair Avenue), Toronto
Tel: 416-651-2109

1915 Sainte Catherine Street West, Montreal
Tel: 514-931-3442

Bookcourt  Caudan, Trianon, Flacq, Bagatelle, Cascavelle, Airport, Grand Baie
Tel: 230-468-8039
Librairie Le Cygne  Magic Lantern Complex, Rose-Hill 
Tel: 230-464-2444 
L’Artelier, 12 Rue St. Louis, Port-Louis 
Tel: 230-208-2915 
Petrusmok at Hennessy Park Hotel 65 Ebene Ciber City, Ebene
Tel: 230-403-7200
Librairie Le Trèfle Arcade Currimjee, Curepipe
Tel: 230-676-3025  
Presse-Book Shop Centre Commerciale Le Barachois, Tamarin 
Tel: 230-483-7624 
Editions des Mascareignes Ltee 24 Bourbon St. Port-Louis
Editions de l'Océan Indien, Le Bookstore 22 B, Marcel Gabon Street, Rose-Hill
Tel: 230-464-6761 
Librairie Le Flamboyant Orchard Tower, Quatre-Bornes, Saint Ignace Lane, Rose-Hill 
Tel: 230-424 9706


For wholesale book orders in Mauritius
Please contact the distributor, Harold Venpin at 230-5256-1165

For wholesale book orders in Canada

Please contact Peggy at