Sunday, August 12, 2018

BIg City Blues

Went through a long, exhausting cold. Yes, of all things in the middle of summer. My body was too drained of energy to accomplish much, and yet my imagination kept churning at hyper speed with depressing thoughts on my health, city pollution, deceptive people, the violence in our world, making sleep a fidgety affair.

Grateful for the support of caring friends, and the creative resources that helped me out of the funk. I exorcised the wretchedness out of my system, and poured the chaos into Big City Blues, a photo montage, and poem about my feelings for this beloved, yet maligned city. I feel cleansed, and hopeful. If my art moves you, please write to me ...

Big City Blues

city lights glare
hard edges everywhere
streetcars screeching
cars spitting fumes
frantic rushing
vitriolic swearing
coldness of a stare
saps the heart bare
you crave the softness
of rolling hills
cool mists of waves
scents of wild flowers
that smell of hope
you taste its warmth
aware, so aware
of those who care

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