Monday, November 19, 2018


Inviting you to WOMANVOICE 2018, an event organized by 
in celebration of women artists, poets, writers, singers, musicians, photographers, and more.
I will read a few poems from my book Island Lovers.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Honey Novick on WOMANVOICE:
"WOMANVOICE was founded on the spirit to empower women and girls.  It was born of the tragedy at the Polytechnique in Montreal where 14 female students were murdered. A group of artists led by the late Susan Meurer and Lilita Tannis organized 14 women artists in 1991 at the pARTisan Gallery. I was one of the original 14 and loved it so much that I asked for permission and have been continuing the tradition for 26 years. We do not dwell on the tragedy.  We use the platform to reach out to others, explore new ideas, find our voice and make friends."

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