Thursday, August 18, 2005

Comments on Globe article

Comments keep trickling in.

An Anglophone friend writes: Mais oui and certainement and tout that jazz., and signs with a de before his last name. Aren't Anglos wonderful when they overdo the French thing? He's a psychologist, so he wants to observe closely my personality changes when I switch from English to French.

A cousin from Montreal:Cet article pourrait réconcilier même les souverainistes Québécois les plus recalcitrants avec la langue de Shakespeare tandis que les Anglos les plus dûrs à cuire trouveront que tu as raison au sujet de la langue de Molière. Tu fais accepter la dualité de ces deux langues en montrant leurs caractéristiques intrinsèques et en promouvant leurs charmes!
Did I already say that French lends itself so charmingly to exaggeration?

A dear friend who likes to talk: My tongue has been introduced to some new linguistic tricks.

A Creative Writing teacher: I was inspired by the challenge to Canada to celebrate both languages by speaking them and enjoying the differences. You write with such freshness and charm that the whole essay is an enticement to take either French or English speaking lessons!

An architect whose motto is Less is More: It was a delight to read.

A friend whose sister is pondering seriously about her relationship: She will really appreciate the article, as she feels that her husband is a different man when he speaks French! She married the Englishman, but the Frenchman is who he really is!!!

It'll even be read in class: I will take the article to my daughter in Quebec to-morrow.. She teaches Intensive English to Quebec students. She will enjoy your observations about the differences so much.

At a family dinner, someone whispers in my ear: I hear you like to flirt in French. Actually, no, I can flirt in all languages. A minor change by the editor has caused some confusion.

What I wrote about the French language: I loved the way it flowed in my blood, danced in it, flirted with it. I meant French flirted with my blood because I could feel it flowing playfully in every part of my body.

What G & M wrote: I loved the way it flowed in my blood; I danced in it, flirted with it.

But that's alright. No harm done.

Enough of this now. It's going to my head. But keep writing. It's so much fun.

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terki said...

those comments are great and well-deserved. congratulations again. and welcome to the world of blogging! (p.s. you might want to change your comment settings so that people without blogger accounts can comment)