Saturday, August 27, 2005

Globe article moving online

I just found two sites that have picked up the G & M article.

One is the Franco-American News blog. It's basically a newsletter that posts articles which cover events and issues on bilingualism in North America.

The other is a forum called Webzine, where someone, to get some reactions, posted the G & M article, and said he wanted to move to Ontario. Comments even though in French, are not inspiring as there are hardcore disgruntled people out there who happen to hate Trudeau, and have nothing good to say about Ontario.

I suppose it's flattering that one's writing is being passed around, that it gets people thinking, and provokes debates.

Fascinating how fast an article can be moved around and become public property. Anything can be copied by anyone. Welcome to the free world of information!

Even if there are copyrights on certain articles, photos, drawings, etc., it must be daunting for anyone to sue considering the costs (unless you're a huge corporation and someone has used your property for financial gains).

So, it helps to be aware that when you put anything online, you're literally giving it away for the whole world to enjoy, and to use as it pleases. What an amazing era of global communication we live in!